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2013 Artists


Ariel Barnes
"Cellist Ariel Barnes, gave the night’s most mesmerizing musical experience... The epic nature of this composition was expressed ideally by Ariel’s dazzling technique and personal connection."
- The Live Music Report

Grace Chung
"...exceptional... her playing was always sensitive and sublime."
- Boston Globe

Jennifer Lim
"Far Eastern precision and American nonchalance make, in this magic of the black and white keyboard, a truly explosive combination... not for the faint-of-heart."
- Stereoplay, Germany

Joslin Romphf Dennis
"Joslin Romphf is the perfect "bad" princess, giving the right mix of humour and rage - and in her final explosion of jealousy, she pretty much steals the show."
- Monday Magazine

Nicholas Wright
"Wonderfully judged with seemingly effortless projection of tone... It was a triumph."
- The York Press
with special guest

Yi-Jo Lim
"...boldly colorful dance."
- The New York Times
2013 young artist

Luke Wook Young Kim
"Kim shone out... it was a professional-level performance that could have left you in tears."
- Vancouver Sun

2012 Artists and Young Artists
Benjamin Bowman, violin
Jennifer Lim, piano
Douglas McNabney, viola
Katherine Needleman, oboe
Peter Wiley, cello


2011 Artists and Young Artists
Nicholas Canellakis, cello
Timothy Chooi, violin (young artist)
Jane Coop, piano
Jonathan Crow, violin
David Harding, viola
Jennifer Lim, piano
Peter Wiley


2010 Artists and Young Artists
Grace Chung, piano
Erin Keefe, violin
Luke Kim, cello (young artist)
Jennifer Lim, piano

Benjamin Louwersheimer
, cello (young artist)
Lorna McGhee, flute
Peter Wiley, cello
Tien-Hsin “Cindy” Wu, viola & violin

Mozart rehearsal

Luke, Cindy, Jennifer, Erin & Pete


Grace & Jennifer backstage

Erin, Jennifer & Pete after Mendelssohn

2009 Artists and Young Artists
Shmuel Ashkenasi, violin
Nicholas Canellakis, cello
Nikki Chooi, violin (young artist)
Jane Coop, piano
Joseph Elworthy, cello
Alexander Fiterstein, clarinet
Christel Lee, violin (young artist)
Jennifer Lim, piano
Tien-Hsin “Cindy” Wu, viola

Alex and Cindy after Mozart

Shmuel, Cindy, Jennifer and Nick after Brahms
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